Eplagaršr Kindred Bylaws

Eplagaršr Kindred holds regular lore meetings and 3 to 4 public blots a year. In addition, the Kindred holds a few regular gatherings a year that are open only to members, their families, and special guests invited by the Kindred.

**Please note that there is no expectation that a regular attendee at blots will necessarily want or seek membership. People are welcome to attend all public events indefinitely without joining.**

There are two levels of membership in Eplagaršr Kindred: Fellow and Kin. Neither member is required to be professed to Asatru, but they are required to take Asatru observances and spirituality seriously.

Kin can attend all blots, Kindred meetings and Lore Meetings and they are on the members email list. All Kin have a voice in any administrative and organizational decisions, which will be made by group consensus. They are also required to take oaths to the Kindred and its members. Kindred events are organized by a gothi/gythja who is elected unanimously by the Kin for as long as they deem appropriate. The gothi/gythja has no other special privileges or rights in the Kindred above that of any of the Kin.

Fellows can attend all public blots, lore meetings and all private rituals except Yule. They are on the members email list. However, they do not take an oath to the Kindred or to its members. Although they do not have a vote in most administrative and organizational decisions, they may voice their opinion before the Kin vote, and they do have a vote on issues that directly affect them, such as additions of new Fellows.

Currently, no new Kin will be accepted to the Kindred

New Fellows will be admitted by invitation only. We are a close-knit family and we take membership in our Kindred very seriously. When we consider a new Fellow, we will ask the potential member to attend blots and lore meetings regularly in order to let everyone in the Kindred get to know him/her, to ensure compatibility with existing members and with our views on Asatru, and to demonstrate a level of commitment to the Kindred. We will not consider anyone who has not attended over half of our public events for at least 12 months. Each potential Fellow will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Kin and Fellows will vote on whether to accept any potential Fellows and will only accept someone if the vote is unanimous. If accepted, the new Fellow will be welcomed into the Kindred during a private blot.

**Discrimination on basis of gender, sexuality, race, or any other arbitrary designation is not accepted in Eplagaršr Kindred, and will not be tolerated in any form.**