Asatru Organizations



The Troth
A place of good resources for those interest in exploring the Norse traditions.

Frigga's Web
Dedicated to knowing the often overlooked but always amazing Goddess Frigga 

Asatru Resources


Asatru-U develops and publishes Asatru (Germanic Heathen) courses for different kinds of students; for different levels of rigor and abstraction; and for directed and independent study.



The Viking Answer Lady
Answers to everything you ever wanted to know about Viking era Norse people and life.



Road to Hel
Online copy of Road to Hel by H.R. Ellis Davidson.



Freya Aswynn
Good resources, and you can order softcopy of many out of print books!



Germania by Tacitus



Sacred Texts 
Another site that has tons of texts online including the eddas and many sagas.



Hrafnar Kindred
A great resource for Seidh Magic.



Berkeley Online Medieval & Classical Library
Berkeley Digital Library. Has many of the sagas online, as well as Danish Histories by Saxo Grammaticus.



North Vegr Foundation
Eddas, Sagas and Historical information online.



Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation
The main source of our knowledge on Heathenism in England. This site also has links to a lot of Medieval Celtic texts.


Asatru Kindreds



Eastern Beach (Austurstrond) Kindred
A Kindred down in Virginia Beach. All their online communication is on the Eastern Beach Kindred yahoo group right now, but they are active in the real world and are growing. They have moots every third Sunday. If you are not a member of the yahoo group and would like to be, it is best to come to their lore meetings at Mystic Moon on Military Highway in Norfolk.







Gladsheim Kindred
An Asatru Kindred in Maryland.







Raven Kindred South
A Kindred in MD - This website is also a great resource for Asatru information.







Raven Kindred North
A Kindred in Northeast.


Useful Articles on Asatru


The Tectonic Plates of Asatru
by Karl Donaldsson







The Return of the Volva: Recovering the Practice of Seithr by Diana L. Paxson


Fun Norse Things


Get your Viking Name 
Viking name Generator.







Viking Kitties 
Viking Kitties flash video.







Viking Quest
A free online game hosted by BBC allowing you to plan a viking raid and see if it succeeds.


Non-Asatru Friends of the Kindred


Grove of the Seven Hills, ADF 
A Norse/Celtic ADF Grove in Lynchburg, VA.







Blue Heron Protogrove
A Norse and Celtic Mixed Congregation of Ar nDraiocht Fein in Northern VA.

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