The need for service to the community is great, and we are honored to be of value to our community. In keeping with the Norse tradition of commitment to community, Eplagarðr Kindred provides rites for Heathens in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania area on at least four public High Days, and monthly lore meetings; our Gythja and other Kindred members travel frequently to help build and unite the local Heathen community; and we always open our land for Heathen, Druid and NeoPagan gatherings; This is our service to the Midatlantic community, and in honor of the Aesir and the Vanir.

There is no fee or expectation of membership for attending our rites, we strive to make ourselves available to those in need, and we attempt to keep costs of gatherings low to allow maximum attendance, regardless of financial means. We do not hold fundraising campaigns or membership drives. There are, however, real financial expenses associated with the Kindred, our networking trips, and our commitment to build community through blots and gatherings. Just a few devoted members, out of love for the work, largely pay for the financial costs of our work. Our expenses include the costs of running, maintaining and improving the campground, costs of hotels, gas and food on our networking trips, maintaining this web site, puchasing supplies for the blots and covering all the little things that make our blots and gatherings special.

Currently our largest expense is the cost of maintaining and improving the campground so it can be used as a resource for all of the local community. We recently bought a pavilion so that people can have a larger space in which to gather outside of the elements. While this campground is a business that makes money, we often barely break even after some of our big events. Our choices are to raise our rates, or to find another way to make ends meet. Since we have a number of people who can barely afford our rates as it is now, we would rather try to keep the rates down so that everyone may come. This leaves us with the dilemma of how to raise money to be able to afford the upkeep of the place and the upgrades we would like to do without raising rates. It seems that asking those who can and would like to pay more to volunartily do so to help out the Kindred and the campground, while allowing those who cannot pay more to pay what is within their means, is the most reasonable way to do this.

To that end, if we have been able to serve you, then, in the spirit of reciprocity, we ask you to consider making a contribution to our work. If you would like to make a one-time donation, please click the button below, and give whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Currently donations will be going directly to the campground - which is owned by the Gythja, Ratatask, and her husband, North. Any un-speicified donations will be used to help in with the costs of the upkeep of the campground. It could also be distributed from the campground as income to the Gythja who can then use it for for ritual and gathering supplies or the Kindred travel costs. Please feel free to specify if you would prefer your donation to be used in a particular way.

Your donation is safe and secure. No salesperson will call, no Heathen will visit your home.

*** Note: we are not a registered charity. ANY and ALL donations made to us are NOT tax deductible! ***

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Monthly Donations 
If anyone is interested in setting up a recurring monthy donation, please let us know. I can set up another button for this. 

Physical Donations 

We would also appreciate donations of physical things rather than money. If you would like to bring items to help the Kindred or the campground when you come to one of our events, that would be appreciated as well.

   - As a Kindred, we can always use mead, bird seed, tobacco and non-alcoholic cider. 
    - As a campground, we can always use toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies, as well as paper and plastic items such as plates, forks and knives. We also sell sodas, bottled water and ice. If anyone would like to donate any of these items to help stock our supply, we would be very appreciative of it. 

These can be given to any Kindred member and they will be delivered to the correct place.

Thank you!

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